Tweet What You Eat

October 7, 2009

No more Jenny Craig, Atkins or Diet-Coke and Lettuce Leaf diets. The newest fad to sweep the dieting world is ‘Tweet What You Eat‘, an online way of tracking how many kilojoules you consume in a day.

Basically, Tweet What You Eat is an online food diary where each day you enter every single thing that you eat. There is a database with the approximate kilojoule value of most foods – so you can keep track of how many kilojoules you’ve had in a day. Not only are your dieting successes and failures laid out in front of you – but are available for all online members to see. Not to worry though: there is forum to pool dieting tips and get advice.

The Telegraph claims that the application has more than 8,000 followers:

including Stephen Fry, who has reportedly lost six stone in six months, and Little Britain star Matt Lucas, who says he has lost half a stone in a fortnight.”

I did a bit of research, and according to the article Weight Loss: Bad Habits that Pile on the Fat, the two biggest problems for dieters are:

1. Underestimating how much you’ve eaten

Studies show overweight people tend to underestimate significantly how much they eat, and the bigger their portions, the more their calorie calculations go off track.

2. Discounting the effects of peer pressure

Findings from the Framingham Heart Study reveal that when one person in a family or network of friends gains weight, others tend to gain weight too, perhaps because it becomes more socially acceptable to be chubby.

Tweet What You Eat addresses both of these problems which is perhaps why its popularity has become so immense in such a short time since its inception.

Whether it will have long term success once the novelty wears off is debatable. It certainly demonstrates however, that more and more of our everyday life is taking place on online.