Twitter tells us everything we didn’t want to know about a person. You get to see the good, the bad and the ugly – intimate knowledge that would take years to achieve through a friendship can be gleaned in a single click.

Which is why Twitter might actually be a curse for the world’s celebrities.

Public relations agents carefully craft public statements, choose designer outfits and airbrush photos of their clients. We are made to feel that celebrities lead a fantasy existence that is far out of reach to most of us mortals.

However, all this painstaking work can be undone in a single, untimely tweet.

According to an E! Online Article: “Is  Twitter Totally Overt For Celebs

“Hung’s Jane Adams (a doll we totally love) was caught dine-and-dashing at Barney Greengrass restaurant recently, via her stilted waiter’s Twitter account. Tsk-tsk, babe!”

Of course, when you take the same concept and apply it to YouTube and politics, the issues are a little more serious and the fallout even greater:

BET Co-Founder Apologizes for Stuttering YouTube Attack.

N.B After writing this post, a few weeks later this article – “Actors banned and censored on Twitter by Film Studios” surfaced. Basically, it seems that major studios are cracking down on how much their actors use twitter:

actors have new clauses in there contracts that prevent them from using social media sites. The Hollywood Reporter, Esq. blog reports that both Disney and Dreamworks have already added the clauses to their talent contracts.”   


 They may be adamant that this is simply to prevent important information from ‘leaking’ but I would suggest there is more at stake than that. It seems that companies with a ‘family friendly’ image are worried that their squeaky clean teen stars – Miley Cyrus and so on – could be tarnished by a wayward Twitter post.

Celebrities on Twitter

Celebrities on Twitter

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