It’s a Woman’s World

October 1, 2009

According to the article ‘Women Outnumber Men on Social Networking Websites’ , women are much more frequent users of social networking sites then men:

“Females outnumber guys 2-1 across a host of websites, and more than half of Facebookers and Twitterers are women, figures show.”

Interestingly, this was not blanket trend however;

“Digg is a boy’s club – 64 per cent of its users are male. LinkedIn and YouTube had an equal number of male and female members.”

Why are women so much more prominent on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace?

Women and Men Online

Women use Facebook more than Men

Image: Postmagusa.Com

Well obviously women are great talkers – and studies have shown women enjoy sharing about their subjective experiences and personal lives more than men. This is one of the main purposes of Facebook.

However, I still find the figures suprising considering that studies have shown men spend more time online than women.  Also, websites like Facebook are methods of building business relationships and keeping in touch with family and friends, which I would have thought would be things equally valued by men and women. What I would have expected to have seen was equal numbers of men and women as members on these websites, but perhaps men using the site to write shorter comments, less frequently than women.

Perhaps men find the very public nature of Facebook more confronting than women or prefer to use websites that demand less engagement from the user.

If this trend continues, maybe the future will see the development of male-oriented websites that can cater to their different needs and natures in navigating online networking.

Further discussion on the issue can be found here.


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