Combining Twitter + Tosca Puccini

September 6, 2009

Songs lyrics hailing to broken Myspace romances (I couldn’t help but laugh at the line ‘internet grass is always greener’), television shows flaunting Facebook aficionados. No doubt, social networking websites have long since made their bumbling debut into the realms of popular television and music.

But curiously, it seems high culture has not been immune to these internet phenomenons.

Credit: Channel Four News

Twitter Opera Singers

Credit: Channel Four News

Yesterday saw the launch of the first ‘Twitter opera’, comprised solely of the contribution of Tweets from random users to a single Twitter webpage.

“…the volume of tweets has generated enough content for a seven-act opera, said ROH spokeswoman Sara Parsons.”

Whether the opera will gain the accolades of the critics, only time will tell. The first reviews are only just starting to come in.

I personally have mixed feelings about the idea. Full marks for creativity, but at the same time, it feels like the phenomenon of the internet has invaded just about every aspect of our old lives, to the point where nothing is sacred.

At the moment, it looks as though a sequel is not out of the question – so if you fancy yourself a budding composer, you can contribute your tweets at:


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