August 28, 2009

Pottering amongst Twitter profiles, I’ve started to realise that not every Twitter poster is the same.

Indeed, in just a single visit you will come across a myriad of exotic and sometimes just plain bizarre online personas.

Some of today’s observations:

The ‘Lovebird: This one is self explanatory – the twitterer uses their account as primarily (or singularly) as a means of communication with their significant other. Mundane and often squeamish for anyone other than said significant other.

The Diarist: What they ate for breakfast.  The seat  they sat on in the bus.  How many seconds they reheated their dinner for in the microwave. You get the picture.

The Political Buff: A visit to one of  these twitter sites will assault you with more political propaganda than election day.

…And my favourite:

The Senior Twitterer: No further explanation required.


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