Tweet, Tweet

July 29, 2009

Twitter is regarded by skeptics as creating a menagerie of precocious and narcissistic tweens, teens and twenty-somethings who would rather chirp about the woes of their lukewarm latte (over their iPhone, of course) then pick up The Australian in the morning.

This article by ‘The Examiner’ suggests that the Chinese government considers these sites in a very different light.

In an age where every citizen is a journalist, and every iPhone is a publishing pad, these websites have the potential to provide people in remote countries and under repressive governments a thoroughfare to the outside world.

Lets hope sites like Facebook and Twitter  can find ways around these kinds of censorship so the tweets of  those in particularly small cages find their way into the cyber-world.

Caged Bird

Bird in a Cage

Credit: Wikipedia Commons


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